From L-R: Zul Aripin (MDEC Domestic Digital Invesments Lead), Ahmad Nizam Rosli (MDEC Global Alliance New Markets Lead), Sarah Bakri (Best Events Productions Director), Hanniz Lam (Best Events Productions Director and MyAIRA Secretary), Meng Soo Ho (MyAIRA VP), Danesh Jothiprahasam (MDEC Domestic Digital Investment Head) and Nazween Adrynna (MDEC Business development Manager)

AI and robotics are two of the key technologies that can drive digital transformation and innovation in Malaysia.

MyAIRA had the pleasure of meeting with MDEC to discuss the ways to move the digital economy forward together.

Here are some possible ways that MyAIRA can work together with MDEC to elevate the level of digital adoption in the country:

1. Play an active role in participating in the Malaysia Digital Catalytic Programmes (PeMangkinMD), which are designed to accelerate the adoption and innovation of emerging technologies, such as AI and robotics, among various sectors and segments of the society.

The association can help to identify the needs and challenges of different industries and communities, and provide solutions and support using AI and robotics.

2. Contribute to the National AI and Robotics Framework (NAIRF), which provides a strategic direction and roadmap for AI and robotics development in Malaysia, aligned with the national vision of Shared Prosperity 2030.

The association can help to provide input and feedback on the policies, regulations, and standards related to AI and robotics, as well as showcase the best practices and success stories of AI and robotics applications in Malaysia and abroad.

3. Engage with MDEC to make Malaysia the ASEAN hub for AI for AI research, development, innovation, and commercialization. The association can help to foster collaboration and partnership among academia, industry, and government in conducting cutting-edge AI research and projects that address national and global challenges, as well as facilitate the transfer and adoption of AI technologies and solutions.

4. Promote awareness and education of AI and robotics among the public, especially the youth and students. The association can help to organize events, workshops, competitions, and campaigns that showcase the potential and benefits of AI and robotics, as well as inspire and nurture the next generation of AI and robotics talents and leaders in Malaysia.