The National Aerospace Industry Corporation Malaysia (NAICO Malaysia) successfully hosted the Malaysia-China Aviation Forum 2024 on 19th February, 2024, at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur. This prestigious forum, officiated by the Deputy Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, YB Liew Chin Tong, signifies a pivotal moment in the Malaysia-China bilateral relations, especially in the aerospace and aviation sectors.

This significant event was part of the Aerospace Industry Promotion Program under the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMKe-12), coinciding with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China, marking a historic milestone since the signing of the Joint Communique by Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and Prime Minister Chou En-Lai on May 31, 1974.

NAICO Malaysia’s role in facilitating this event emphasizes the organization’s commitment to fostering Malaysia-China collaboration in the aerospace and aviation industry, heralding a new era of technological and economic cooperation with key organisations including the China Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA), International Association for Green Aviation (IAGA), Volar Air Mobility, supported by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting, Malaysia Autonomous Intelligence and Robotics Association (MyAIRA), and powered by Tahira Group. The event successfully brought together over 120 participants, featuring ministry and agency representatives, key players from the aerospace industry in Malaysia and China, higher education institutions, and skills training centers.

Second Left to Right – Zhang Xue, International Liaison, CSAA; Chong Soon Yong, President of MyAIRA; Dr Yu Ce, Deputy Sec Gen, CSAA; Dr Shi, Former President, CSAA; YB Liew Chin Tong, Deputy Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry ; Datuk Hanafi Sakri, Sec Gen, Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry; Ding Ling, Vice Mayor, Langfang Municipal Govt n Director; Dr Yao Jinchen, Sec Gen and VP, CSAA; Prof. Ts. Shamsul Abu Samah, CEO, NAICO, Henry Hooi, Founder, Volar Air Mobility

A pivotal moment of the forum was the signing of three Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), which underscored the event’s significance in paving the way for future collaboration and growth in the aerospace sector. List of MOUs as below:

National Aerospace Industry Corporation Malaysia
• Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA) and the Malaysian Autonomous Intelligence and Robotics Association (MyAIRA): Foster international cooperation in the aerospace industry between China and Malaysia with the purpose of enhancing technology development and industry cooperation.

• Volar Air Mobility and Tahira Group: This partnership aims to revolutionise the logistics and transportation industry by integrating cutting-edge eVTOL technology to enhance efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and streamline supply chain operations.

• MAB Engineering Sdn Bhd (MABES) and Impeccable Vintage Properties:
Lease Agreement for the Hangar 4 airframe maintenance facility at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SZB). It represents a pivotal milestone as MAB Engineering expands its capability and footprint in providing MRO services within the region.

The Malaysia – China Aviation Forum 2024 served as a testament to the enduring friendship and cooperative spirit between Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China, highlighting both nations’ commitment to advancing the aerospace sector through shared knowledge, technological innovation, and strategic partnerships.

About NAICO Malaysia
NAICO Malaysia is an agency under MITI that leads the overall development of the
aerospace industry and to oversee the implementation of the strategies and initiatives in the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Blueprint 2030. NAICO Malaysia serves as the focal point in linking the aerospace industry players, relevant Government ministries and agencies, and academia to collectively work together in strengthening the capability and capacity of Malaysia’s aerospace industry.


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