Japan Drone is the largest drone-specific business-to-business exhibition in Japan and the 9th of its kind since 2016. The 9th edition will take place from 5-7 June 2024 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba in Tokyo. It will provide a venue for specific business matching to solve various issues, promote the development of social infrastructures, and actively work to promote smart cities to realize affluent lifestyles.

The International Advanced Air Mobility Expo, which is held together with Japan Drone, aims to contribute to the creation of new industries by supporting the realization of initiatives for the social implementation of “flying cars,” which are expected to revolutionize air transportation.

These two events will have the Conference, where features the latest technologies and market trends’ speech and discussion in the industry by key industry persons from Japan and internationally.

This would be the best place for many companies, organizations, institutions, and local governments that wish to engage in business matching related to drones and next-generation air mobility industry. Please take advantage of this opportunity to promote your excellent products, technologies, and services to a wide range of customers.

Primary deadline: Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Secondary Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2024

For interested buyers and exhibitors, kindly email hanniz@bestevents-asia.com for more information.


Malaysian Autonomous Intelligence & Robotics Association, is a non-profit association founded in 2021. Our main objectives are to accelerate innovation in the AI and Robotics sector, connect entrepreneurs and startups in their initial steps and be the catalyst toward better national policies, legislation and regulations in AI and Robotics. https://myaira.org/


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ABOUT The Japan UAS Industry Development Association (JUIDA)

The Japan UAS Industry Development Association (JUIDA) was established in July 2014 with the aim of contributing to the sound development of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry in Japan. Subsequently, in July 2021, the scope of its business was expanded to include “Advanced Mobility Systems (AMS),” including flying cars.

JUIDA disseminates information on the latest trends and issues related to AMS in Japan and overseas through newsletters and seminars. Besides, we are focusing on safety measures and human resource education related to the operation of unmanned aircraft, including the formulation of safety guidelines that define safe operation rules and etiquette, and the issuance of JUIDA pilot certificates and JUIDA safe flight administrator certificates in the JUIDA-accredited school system. To this end, we are engaged in dialogue with the government and making recommendations to the government.