The second of 3 webinars co-organized by MASSA, MyAIRA and ERA has concluded with about 80 participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Chile, Bangladesh and Australia.

The event was graced by the Ambassador of Chile to Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, Don Diego Velasco-von Pilgrimm; Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Azman Hashim President, Malaysia South-South Association (MASSA) & Malaysia-Japan Economic Association (MAJECA);
Mr Yong Chong Soon, President, Malaysian Autonomous Intelligence & Robotics Association (MyAIRA); Mr. José Merino, President of APANT Chile (Association of Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicles); Mr Jamie Haniff Ramlee, Director, Selangor Darul Ehsan Aerospace Industry Coordination Office (S-DAICO); and Mr Wong Lian Kee, President of Expertise Resource association (ERA).

We are also happy to announce that APANT Chile and MyAIRA of Malaysia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding thus bonding the shores of Latin America and ASEAN.

apant chile and myaira

Presentations were shared by Dr Shian Lee, Alphaswift Industries,  Mr Amsyar Faiz is the Business Development Director at OFO Tech Sdn Bhd and Mr Iván Araos Mansilla, Head of External Affairs, from Asociación de Pilotos de Aeronaves No Tripuladas (Association of Pilots of Unmanned Aircraft) APANT CHILE.

The key takeaways from the Drone webinar today were:
1. Shortage of manpower, expensive infrastructure inspections and challenging deliveries to difficult terrain can be solved with the use of drones
2. Drone data capture can be processed into various data outputs, including but not limited to orthomosaics/point cloud/ reality mesh/ augmented reality etc.. and these outputs can be used for various applications in different sectors.
3. Drones provides a lot of opportunities which can help drive economic growth.

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